Thursday, 17 April 2014

That Special Thing about you that you have not yet discovered.

When you take a close look at yourself,you discover that there's something particular or special about you that may not be found in someone else.It is this distinction that makes you WHO YOU ARE and not WHAT HE OR SHE IS.Have you loved,envy or admire someone more than yourself to the extend that you start saying that "i wish i was..."
Never give anyone more attention than he or she deserves.God created you with a special gift and it's now your place to discover this exceptional quality in you and claim it in the name of Jesus Christ.Many people have chosen the wrong way to make money,power and wealth because they did not examine themselves and instead decided to make people their idols simply because they were not patient enough to meet their appointed time.Have you ever heard that "more hatse less speed"
I started examining my life six years ago but only decided for my life one year ago.This is because you have to know your self before you then know how to associate with others.I know that it is difficult for someone to know himself without interuption from friends and family members.Are you doing what you are doing today because your friend or brother did it with success?
Nothing is easy and nothing is simple in life;think of when you were in Class One and saw people going to Secondary Schools,what did you hear about Upper Sixth when you were in Form One?It is now history that you passed through all these stages with or without any stress.Dear brothers and sisters live a simple and humble life and just as the Bible says,don't be worried about tomorrow because tomorrow will take care of itself.Tomorrow is God and God is Omnipotent and Omnipresent.He knows your worries and He alone has the solution.When you take life into your human hands,the eternal apprentice(satan) will "help" you today and destroy you tomorrow.
Remember that human actions are limited but the Grace of God knows no boundaries.Think of what your life was ten years ago and predict your future ten years from now with God.Let your present situation not divert your attention from God,it's a matter of time.I am from God,I am for God and God is with me.You are from God,you are for God and you are with God.

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