Thursday, 12 January 2017

Donald Trump Tweets: FAKE NEWS organizations

With just 8 days to be inaugurated as the official US President, President-elect Donald Trump has been expressing his disappointment for the 'dishonest' US media. Though not being particular in any of these his recent tweets, Mr Trump labels the stories published by the media as "FAKE NEWS."
The media(probably CNN and others) were shocked when the recent US Presidential election results took Mr Trump to the White House. Hilary Clinton was presented to the public as the true president to be but it ended in favour of the people's choice not the media's choice. Today, the same media makes the world to believe that the US electoral systems were hacked and manipulated by Russia to push Mr Trump to the White House.
Mr Trump tweets so often such that I am convinced that this man is smart and sincere.
Check out these tweets and take home the message.

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