Thursday, 12 January 2017

Images that deny Paul Biya from being the 'People's Choice'

Gone are those days when people used to believe that leaders are chosen by God. Maybe some are still chosen by God. Count most political leaders of Cameroon out of this. They lie a lot and as such, many people no longer believe whatever comes out of their mouths.
This brings to question legitimacy of power and political representation in Cameroon. There is no friendly relationship between the represented and the representer.
Mr Biya promised 500.000 laptops to all the students of both private and state Universities in Cameroon. These laptops were originally meant for the 2016/2017 academic year. We are already four months into the academic year and 1st Semester exams are coming up in a month's time(in non anglo saxon Universities) yet no laptops.
Look at these pictures and tell me if you can treat your leader like this if he's representing your opinion. These images have punished Mr Biya for not being who he claims to be.
NB: The images are manipulated but they're a clear picture of the thoughts of exploited men are women.

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