Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Internet Blackout in the NW and SW regions: MTN Cameroon and Nexttel have not posted on their respective Facebook pages for 7 days

It was on Tuesday 17 January 2017(at about 8:46pm) that internet users in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon could not surf the internet. Though no official statement has so far been made by the government organ concerned with posts and telecommunications(MINPOSTEL), Cameroonians residing in the above English speaking regions have no access to the internet for a week now.
Many Cameroonians have expressed their disappointments and dissatisfaction as they argue that these local telecommunication companies have violated and abused consumers rights by depriving them of internet services without any priori notice. Though it's understood by this blogger that the internet blackout in these two regions is one of government's several measures to 'hide' the ongoing strike actions in the NW and SW from the entire world, other arguments say that the measure is to avoid irresponsible write-ups on the social media. It should be noted that social media users in Cameroon have recently paralysed government's false unity doctrine by sharing images of human right abuses by the military. Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter etc have changed the way people used to look at things in the old dark days when the state media was considered as the primary source of information.
Why have MTN and Nexttel stayed mute?
MTN Cameroon is the dominant telecoms company in the NW and SW regions; the South African company enjoys good business in these regions thanks to the company's use of the English Language in their publicities and dialogues such as MTN Everywhere You Go!
Though very promising in its internet service sector, Nexttel is a new comer in the country. It is welcomed in most interior areas of these above mentioned regions for it's good network reception.
As to why MTN and Nexttel have stayed mute, the answer is opinion based. I think they are either dissatisfied with government's instruction for them to shutdown internet services in the NW and SW or they've been instructed to stay mute so as to avoid further scandals via client's complains and even their own classic explanations regarding the internet blackout in the NW and SW regions of Cameroon.
Note should be taken that I've not talked about Orange Cameroun for three reasons; the telecoms company has colonial origin( France) which we are fighting against, it is not popular in these anglophone regions, and also because it has been active on Facebook all these days unlike MTN Cameroon and Nexttel.

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