Sunday, 6 April 2014

Tous les Ministres à Kondengui!

It is now reported that Louis Bapès Bapès, minister of Secondary Education (Minesec)spent roughly 17 hours and 15 minutes at the Yaounde Central Prison aka Kondengui, at the big surprise of the people who thought that this news was nothing but an April Fool's joke.Some Cameroonians like Titus Edzoa have been able to spent more than 15year "there" and others like Marafa and Inoni just started their 25years mandate respectively at Kondengui.Those who are already at Kondengui are not isolated because their former coleagues will always be visiting them either on permanent or temporal basis.Mafara and Inoni joint Polycarp Aba Aba and the others while Louis Bapes Bapes only visited his friends or should I say partners, for a day.Louis Bapes Bapes is free.Oh free indeed.Lapiro said it all in his track titled Lefam So,"tous les ministres à Kondengui".

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