Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Teachers and Students are all gambling for success.

Teachers who became businessmen along their the line are now saying "my God is a God of miracles."
All female teachers who opened hair dressing saloons and gossiping camps in their various offices are all scared.
Teachers who made the wrong decision of giving all their students passed marks in their subjects so as to please their Principals are trembling.
Students who believed in last minute preparation have been disappointed by Sonel and are now crying.
Pastors and priest who prayed for students,blessed their pens,pencils and hands are now waiting for "their" God to accept their requests so that the Ministry will keep on attracting customers.Students who did not prepare well are now believing in good luck,going to success prophets and success prayer lines.Many students who were pagans now read the First,Second and Gospel in their churches so that God will change their stories.Parents who could not buy text books for their children because of artificial poverty are not starving,they are fasting and praying for their children.I believe in hardwork and I hold to it.
Hardwork pays and God confirms.

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