Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Our government is doing everything possible to see that in a group of fifty Cameroonians,there is a primary school while in a group of five hundred people,there is a secondary school.May God help us to accomplish this mission by 2035!
There are secondary schools in Cameroon with more than 10 vice principals and about 15 discipline masters while other villages/schools are crying for teachers because the schools are empty.Where I attended part of my secondary school,some of our teachers used to go to Bamenda for their salaries and spend at least two weeks out of school.We were left to struggle on our own and at the end we still made it.Can you imagine that in the 21 Century,one teacher teaches History,Geography,Commerce and Religious Studies?Do you also know that a teacher of Literature in English can teach Physics?Mr.Enongene Divine Makia taught us the four subjects above.Mr.Akonghui Louis,a Literature and French Language teacher also taught us Physics when Mr.Muh Ignatius went to Bamenda.If I tell you what my school life has been like,you must start believing in miracles.All these details are not to make you sick but to make understand why our leaders prefer to describe our national unity as 'unity in diversity.'In GHS Tabenken where I had my GCE Ordinary Level,I always knew that our school performance had nothing to do with national exams and this was later proven when I went to GHS Batibo after obtaining my 'O' Level Certificate from GHS Tabenken.
Why should there be 10 vice principals in a school while others don't even have teachers in key subjects such as Mathematics,English and French Languages?What does regional balance stand for?In cases where there are no teachers,the PTA is forced to recruit unqualified poorly paid young men and women as teachers.The impact of this is usually catastrophic as at times,students turn to be mates with these young teachers,Such teachers are underlooked by the students and the worst comes when at the times the teacher prefers to talk to students in the dialect.My Philosophy teacher of GHS Batibo is a reflection of a made teacher.
I am not afraid to say that the educational policy of my country doesn't favour those of us in the surbubs.Every CPDM polician wants to have a primary school in his neighbourhood, Every CPDM bureau member wants to have a Secondary School in his village even without benches,chalk boards and no academic structures talkless of any assurance of having government-sent teachers.At the end who benefits?the politicians wins elections,gets promotion but the innocent children are punished with these political schools as their complains may only be attended to after 5 years or 7 years depending on the type of elections.The irony is that when these people are in Yaounde,they are proud to say "c'est mouvais chez moi."It is common to see one teacher in Cameroon having two appointments and funny enough,CRTV would read the same name from two separate papers at the same time into two distinguished functions.Lord Have Mercy.No teacher wants to work in a village even those who were bore and fed in typical villages.Those who are ready to work anywhere in the country are stopped by the 'god father' and 'connection' syndromes.
Because of greener pastures,many teachers have abandoned their posts.The impact is catastrophic;principals now prefer to protect them and receive 50% of their salaries, Primary school teachers who feel too big to work in interior areas send their relatives and friends resident in these villages to teacher on their behalf even if they were buyam sellam.Dear people of good faith,what therefore becomes of these innocent kids?is this what you went through in your days before becoming who you are today?do we love our children?do we love our country?You may be doing this because you want to remain close to your husband,wife,parents,but why did you chose to serve two masters?
A rat can only organise an indoor party in the absence-many people are doing this and going uncaught because the government is very far from the common man.You are reminded that it is a patriotic act to bring up our future leaders in the right way and defend national colours.PLEASE LET'S CHANGE FOR OUR COUNTRY IF OUR COUNTRY IS NOT CHANGING US.
May God bless our leaders and protect our country,Cameroon.I love my country.My name is Njobe Serge Ngala alias Catch Me If You Can.

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