Sunday, 25 May 2014


Njobe Serge was born in Bondu-Tabenken on October 21,1992.I saw one paper which shows that I was born on Thursday at some few minutes to 11am.I started primary school at the age of five(in 1997)in Catholic School Bondu.Back then I enjoyed the services of teachers such as Mr.Adamu Clement Shey,Kongor Aloysius,Mme Konfor Pepertua Manli,Mme Tumi Nadine,Mr.Bwanong and Mr.Samba.I left C.S.Bondu for GSS/GHS Tabenken in 2005 after scoring remarkable marks in all my subjects;my name appeared first on the result list of interviews into Form One.Before leaving primary school,I knew something special about myself;I was very good at Essay writing. I personally know that this was thanks to my uncle,Njobe Anthony who is now of late.May his soul rest in peace.But I still remember that I occupied the 1st position from Class 3, third term to Class 7.My grandmother,ANGELINA LASI played a major role.
My secondary school life in GSS Tabenken which later became GHS Tabenken was marked by confidence and determination.Things were not that easy this time because I seem to have been naturally blank in science subjects notably Chemistry and Mathematics.Nevertheless,I was doing very well.I was class prefect of Form Three B and Tamnjong Joel Tamnjong was that of Form Three A.Class prefects were neither elected nor appointed,it was a matter of best student in academics leading those who were better,good,bad,worse and worst.I did not perform well in late Form Four and the entire Form Five reasons being that I was "matured".I sold my heart to a certain maiden called Konfor Annette and from here I could not differentiate between love emotions and my reading spirit(I hope my parents will not crucify me after reading this love affair stuff). Though I didn't do very well in Forms Four and Five,my teachers saw great exceptions in me;Mr.Akonghui Louis Neba said that I had a very good handwriting,Mr.Enongene Divine Makia knew I was good at History and Geography and Mr.Primus aka "you guys" always knew that I was a good student when it comes to Economics.Mathematics was not my portion at all.At a time when many of my classmates were running away from French Language classes,I developed more interest in the subject.My efforts in French Language yielded healthy fruits as I happened to feature among the very few(less than ten)students who succeded in GCE O/L French Language in 2010 from GHS Tabenken.I left GHS Tabenken in 2010 after passing in only five subjects though I later added English Language to the previous five subjects thereby making it six subjects.I did not like my results but I had no one to blame than "love". I started High School in GBHS Nkambe and ended in GHS Batibo after the Christmas break.The reasons for this sudden change are enormous;I was complaining alot because I was renting,I was destined to make new friends in Batibo and today I hear that the whole issue was to divert my attention from my "mandap".
Batibo was welcoming and amazing but also full of strange things.I made new faces and new challenges in Batibo.Thank God I regained my spirit of understanding without reading in GHS Batibo.I think I was a good student in GHS Batibo reasons why I became class prefect in Upper Sixth Arts(UA1,UA3 and UA5).In Batibo I was as quiet as never before because everybody was strange to me and because I was afraid of this whole issue of witchcraft in Moghamo.At the end of two years,I left GHS Batibo with good results;I passed with good grades in all the three subjects I went in for(History,Literature and Philosophy).I led the school Journalism Club on Bilingualism Day on December 11,2011.I equally had my first experience of going on air over the radio airwaves of the Batibo Community Radio popularly known as Voice of Moghamo where I was Cordinating an sensitization program known as Campus Life.I was accompanied in this voluntary task by guys such as Ayuk Elias,Kiyoh Emmanuel and Maah Theodore.I also made eternal friendship with people like Kiyoh Emmanuel,Ayuk Elias,Maah Theodore,Mechane Genarine,Agbor Blessing,Ngong Martha Bongfen and many others.I will always remember people who made Batibo a paradise for me.They include Atum Brent,Atum Ivinet,Ndi Aishatou,Chick Anita,Anyah Chaveline,Galabe Collins,infact the entire St.John Of God Hospital staff and ESPECIALLY THE BIG NJOBE'S FAMILY.
Just like the Bible,I can't say all about me because my eyes are never facing me.May God give me the opportunity to add more successful events to my life profile.
To be used by many when I quit this world.Specially designed for the next generation.May God Bless Us.

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