Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The Bilingual University of Dschang.

Bilingualism in Cameroon means;understanding what i'm saying and vice versa.The University Of Dschang excluding the Faculty of Law And Political Science has its own notion of Bilingualism.You speak English Language and the same lecturer who does not understand your language is the same person to correct your script.
Their poor mastery of "our own language" either helps us or kills us as at times they give marks according to hand writing,orderly presentation etc.It is amazing to be part of this bilingual game-there are students who obtain their Licence at the end of three years without knowing some of their teachers because of language barrier.
I can't conclude without asking for my(our)results of the first semester exams that have turn results of Presidential Elections in African "democratic" kingdoms like Cameroon.
Catch Me If You Can!

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