Tuesday, 30 August 2016

The Devil Has Invaded The House Of God

I have been looking at people going to church and every time I do this,something tells me that the world is seriously infected with a satanic virus. I don't want to pass any judgement on this issue because I am not better and also because I don't want to have a dirty conversation with sister Mary and brother John. Many critics say the church is the hiding place for criminals. Yeah,it's true. All those who make me feel like going to an area of no return are "people of the big churches."
In my village(Tabenken), just like elsewhere, people go to church and kill their opponents in highly contested church posts.Little girls read the '1st,2nd Readings.. ' and still commit abortions.It's been practically proven that many church leaders are witches and wizards who occupy the front seats of the church and disturb the clergy. Why are we going to church when we can't forgive our fellow brothers and sisters? Why do we call ourselves Christians when we can't stay away from evil charms? Are Christians supposed to to help orphans or make them feel depressed? People of the big churches also discriminate, drink dirty wine in dirty night clubs, dine with b**ches in wild beaches,make human sacrifices to be "great people",jealous everything that is good and invite the devil into the homes of their prosperous brothers and sisters etc. Brother, where's your Bible? Sister, where's your faith? Uncle,why are you killing people to become a church elder? Aunty, you bought charm from baba Ngala to make that innocent man be your slave husband and forgetabout his family. Why are you going tochurch? What do you know about confession? My problem is not the church. My problem is with the people of the big churches who don't want the happiness of their fellow brothers and sisters. These are the realities of life, you cannot serve God and the devil. Serve God, help the poor, pray for the sick,pray for happiness,pray for peace,pray for justice pray for Cameroon, pray for the world.
NB:I'm not an atheist. I love God with all my heart. I rather find faults in many people who claim to be Christians. Non is perfect but we should not embrace evil or glorify no matter the place and time.

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