Thursday, 25 June 2015

It's Not By Your Strength.

There are many things in life we often neglect because we think it is meant to be.What do you know about sleeping and waking up?
If you think it's an alarm clock that woke you up this morning then set it beside a dead body and you will realise that it's the grace of God that woke you up and made you see this day.
Waking up is one thing and having a good day is another thing.Because of difficulties in life,families and friends have part ways.I am the only one who is saying this,we are all living witnesses.When you fall from the top,suddenly the love people had for you will drop.Then if you wake up and fight for your right,the love will be restored. Think about when you loss a family member or a love one;you can cry all day long but you will hardly think of following the dead to the grave.
Difficulties in life do not come to destroy you,but to help you realise your hidden potentials.You can make those difficult moments know that you are too difficult to be destroyed because your Creator is too strong to fight earthly things.Because Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world, never give up,resist and tell the devil that "enough is enough". Don't be surprise;that devil may as well be your " brother " or your "friend".
While in secondary school, I learned the Socratic doctrine on faint ignorance,today it works like magic.I tried to compare it with artificial scarcity in is a hypocrite!
Dear student,read your books so that people will like you tomorrow, so that you will help yourself and help Njobe Serge too, so that you will help your family,so that you will help the world.Think about this!

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