Thursday, 25 June 2015

Trust No One and Don't Let Anyone Take Your Seat.

Many people are suffering today and unfortunately enough, the source of their hardship is you and I.Our society has been destroyed by negative minds.Those who can deliver the goods are not even given the opportunity.So,why You Are Not The Only One?
The world today is full of envy,jealousy and destruction.Give your classmates one minute to criticise you and they will dissect you, stay away from your fiancé for a week and former stories will came up,do positive things and negative minds will complain,be quiet about everything and they will use it as an opportunity to destroy you,practice faint ignorance for a week and they will conclude that you are a big fool and some will just camouflage and get what they want.Some of these things may have happened to you and you were like wondering if you are the only unfortunate person in this world.
There is always a way out, try to avoid those who will cause you pain and fail to comfort you,avoid those who don't know the source of your happiness and are always ready to make you feel bad.If you want to live a life of little regrets,forget about women,there are more female demons than males.Women make you sick,they make you poor,they make you cry...I don't care about the other side of it.
Because you know the world you are living in, try to make good use of your time and you will discover that life is not that bad.Don't let your friend not change you,change your friend.
***I spent some time complaining about how a certain strange woman(madam Titus) made life very unconformable for me and my friends all took it as an advantage to disrespect me.***
I am a very happy person today due to the fact that I have been able to hide my feelings.It will take you at least 5yrs to know my motives in life. Don't waste your time studying people, read many novels.

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