Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Cameroon in the hands of Paul and John

It's 26 May,YES it's SDF!
Cameroon's leading 'rival' political party celebrates another year of hopeful struggle.
The national chairman of the party has been a politician,tourist,civil right activist etc.
As for national politics,president Biya has won more hearts making me to believe in the dictum that "one leg good,two legs better"
Paul and John na wow for wuna oh.The only elites of Cameroon,the only educated Cameroonians who are intelligent enough to be challenged within their political parties.
Politics has been a very boring game in Cameroon because of Paul and John.May be we need but Paul and Peter or John and Mary to change Cameroon.Our youths are idle,the elders have refused to quit,the leaders have refused to let go.
Everything is illegal because there is only one barrister,everything is unholy because there is only one priest,everything is corrupt because there is only one manager,everyone is poor because there is only one market and there is no Bank.

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