Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Paul Biya has appointed new regional governors today.

According to a press release signed by president Paul Biya this Wednesday 4 June 2014,there is the displacement of three regional governors and the appointment of one.Awa Fonka Augustine has been moved from the Far North Region to the West Region,Ottou Wilson Joseph moves from the North Region to the Centre Region,Miji Iyawa Bakari has left the West Region for the Far North.Jean Abate Edi'i leaves his posts as SDO of the Sanaga Maritime Division of the Littoral Region for the North Region in his new capacity as the governor of the region.Eyene Nlombe Roger Moise of the Centre Region has been dropped. Governor Miji Iyawa Bakari will have the greatest challenge to combat any threat by Boko Haram in the Far North Region of Cameroon while moving from the North to the Centre Region is good news for Ottou Wilson Joseph.Jean Abate Edi'i has been appointed governor after spending less than two years as SDO of the Sanaga Maritime Division and the North Region is also threatened by unexpected Boko Haram threats.
May God bless Cameroon and its leaders.
Njobe Serge in Dschang.

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