Monday, 23 June 2014

The Uniqueness of Eto'o and his boys in Brazil.

The Cameroon national team is playing its last Group A match aginst host Brazil today at 9:00pm local time.Before this their lifeless match it's important to highlight their uniqueness in this year's football saga in Brazil.Cameroon is the only African football team that has played two matches in Brazil without a goal,it's the only African team that went to Brazil after the time scheduled by Fifa,it's the only team in the world that went to Brazil with a Normalisation Committee instead of a Football Federation,it is the only African team whose player has been sanctioned with a red card for animal conduct,it is the only team that went to Brazil thanks to the misfortune of the other(Togo) and Cameroon is the first African team to have been defeated by Mexico in a Fifa World Cup tournament.LordI thank you for creating a boneless lion.What a record!

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