Friday, 30 December 2016

Late John Ngu Foncha's statue erected and later destroyed in Douala

As anglophones continue to protest against the "francophonisation" of the Republic of Cameroon, it is alleged that an architect in the economic city of Douala erected a statue of the late and famous anglophone politician John Ngu Foncha. The reasons for this are not known but some Cameroonian authors blame John Ngu Foncha for the unfair treatment of anglophones today. They argue that he led a dump delegation to the 1961 Foumban Conference where most of the decisions were imposed by the Ahidjo led delegation from East Cameroon.
Through a WhatsApp group, I learned that the statue at Akwa-Douala was destroyed by policemen.
They have tried to destroy all the evidences of the true history of Cameroon. God is watching!

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