Sunday, 10 July 2016

Keeping It Real With Friends and Classmates

Life has given me a million reasons to be sociable and friendly. I'll always remember that while at the University of Dschang, I got everything right not because I was wiser but because I was supported by friends and classmates such as;
Kiyoh Emmanuel
Asongalem Neville
Nsai Gilbert
Tandah Frank
Nembo Thierry
Vanessa Kehdinga
Berinyuy Mildred and more.
It's not like I had only seven friends,the above mentioned were REAL.Everybody was my friend for one reason or the other. They showed character and maturity when I needed them most. They kept calming the quick tempered Serge and made me to discover many things about my self. That is the essence of education. I hope to join you in your classrooms, offices, farms, shops, homes etc. God bless you all and gives you long life to meet all your goals. My success is incomplete without my friends.

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