Saturday, 8 March 2014

Your life can never be the same.

In an average society you see people of varied occupations and backgrounds(educational,political,religious etc).But my greatest worry is if one has to decide who to be in future or only destiny will come into action.Are you a thief,hero,icon,crusader,politician,liar,womaniser,prophet,crank,doctor...Just take a good look at your self and by tomorrow you will either work hard to be promoted or to maintain your job.Womanisers,thieves and liars Are also part of us,they only need prophets.Let's try and see if we can bridge the gap that exist between the poor and the rich.Do you know there people who don't take a single meal within 48hours,children are homeless and helpless in numerous societies, People eat grasses in Syria and yet you think you are suffering because you don't have ENOUGH MONEY.Njobe Serge needs you and you need him.Let's unite and put our ideas in one thinking cap.Most of all,you need the Lord in your struggle for a better life.

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