Friday, 16 January 2015

"Madam Green-eyed Monster" My own way of preaching against hatred and discrimination.It is a real life story told in minor words

Madam you di surprise me
you don offend me go on for report me
you don take me for your boy boy and i don take you for my comedy doctor
u don punish me for all kind way and non of them don work because you be on the wrong
i don keep quiet all this while and you don go on for make anti-campaigns against me
you na jealousy woman or na looku looku woman?
i don make up my mind for hate you because e di show say you and me na fire
your face no get light,your heart no bright and your hand strong
you na how noh madam Titus
You don go report me say i no di respect you and you forget for talk say you be deny me plates and spoons for good four days
you get or you no get oh,i no know!
all i know na say you no di give but you di grumble on top nothing
i nova see your type for any place for this country
you di pretend,you no get courage,you no get manners,you no get woman e heart and you di go church madam!?!
you no di take my presence important and me too i no di feel your presence nor absence
i no di vex for you because i don vow for hate you such that na hateline fine for you
i no go ever like you because you di over looku looku and e be like say you no go change one day
abeg give me at least 300 days for quit
you know say i no be dependable for your things
your massa na the best
e di provide and e no di complain
you di complain for sharam madam?
you be number one and i be number zero
wait for my apology in vain
i no like dschang because of you
my friends di fear for visit me because of you
i no di chop weti i want because of you
i di close my eyes when you dey around
i di buy deefness with ear phone because i no want hear your voice
i go die go for hell because i no go ever forgive you
Madam JT you be my everlasting enemy!
'weh kah bah meh meh bah weh,seh yuh keh?

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