Sunday, 26 October 2014

When shall we stop complaining?

Life has never been the same.In life today,the notion of self-satisfaction is fast disappearing.Don't ask me why,because we are all living testimonies of man's selfish and ungrateful character.
Most of us have all the parts of the body that gives us the priority to overcome any human challenge that comes our way.Why then do we complain all the time?
Your neighbour's good is not yours,your friend's success story must not necessarily be yours.Come to think of this please;you have ears,mouth,hands,eyes and legs but you seem not to be grateful because of the so-called poverty.What do you see when you look in the eyes of a blind man?how do you feel when you talk to a deef?are you happy when you see a pupil writing with her legs and eating with her legs?is it a good thing to see a man go to work on a wheel chair?
If you could spend a day pretending that you are blind,you will know what people have been going through for years.The only law I have never violated is that of laughing at people.When travelling from Nkambe to Dschang,you don't know what becomes of you in Ndu before you ever think of reaching Dschang.
Dear brothers and sisters,no human being is perfect but we should always try to drive towards perfection.
You may think that your life is full of misery,I bet you,God's plan for us is autentic.My life changes on daily basis such that my former mates see a different me everyday.
If we are created in the image and likeness of the Almighty God,why worry???
Happy Sunday to you all.I will never stop thinking about a better life for us.Dear God,heal the world.

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