Monday, 8 September 2014

My hometown with or without people of yesterday!

I'm smaller in flesh but Mighty in Spirit.Fear God and no one else.If you lower your expectations and increase the volume of your 'anxiety speaker',you will be able to understand me today.
After the results of September 2013 Elections,I've been keen to evaluate the manifestations of the men and women of Nkambe who fought for the 'unexpected one' to become the 'able one.'
People preach peace and virtue but go on to practise vice.Why should a man be imprisoned for what ought to have been called a general rough game?
Why is it that the radio station that was sold/bought to deceive the masses is not operational today?
'Development' was ‪#‎ THEIR‬word
of action back then but today,we are only seeing ‪#‎ HIM‬.
If you travel from Tabenken to Nkambe,you will know the differences between past and present tense.If you parade the streets of Nkambe at night,you will know that the old is gone.
Up Next:he told us that he was working for our interest but today he is the soleproprietor of the big cake.
What about us???

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